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Thanks to the customizable number plates module, Kutvek offers you the possibility to create number plates that will fit to your vehicle !
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For the fans of motocross racing

Are you a fan of motocross racing and you would like to have custom number plates? Kutvek Kit Graphik is a specialist of MX graphics. Since 2005 we propose original graphic creations to meet the most demanding expectations.

The power of our vinyl stickers lies in the patented materials that warranty colour intensity and remarkable resistance to exterior use. Our special online order form gives you a total autonomy to choose and follow up your custom graphics kit.

Have you already installed Kutvek graphics kit on your dirt bike and you wish only the race numbers for a particular competition? We have anticipated it: you can order customizable MX number plates that will match with the design chosen before.

2 customization options

To customize your motorcycle number plates two options are available. The first let you include your name, your racing number and a competition logo on the front and side plates. Concerning the graphic part, you have a large choice among our collections of ready-made designs that will allow you to match your plate with the entire sticker kit.

With the second option you have a possibility to add sponsors and/or their logos and to ask us for a tailor-made design using your colour preferences and visuals that inspire you. So, this option let you have totally personnalised number plates! In both cases a draft of stickers would be sent to you to be validated before the production launch.

Trust our know-how of number backgrounds

Personalised plates is an excellent choice to continue the customization of your dirt bike and prepare yourself for motocross events. Here, at Kutvek we are ready to fulfill your most audacious ideas and supply you with custom decals that won’t fail to impress!

You can trust us as many Riders and Teams do already since 2005: Gregory Aranda, Kaven Benoit, Sylvain Bidart, Evgeny Bobryshev, Marc Bourgeois, Xavier De Soultrait, Zachary Pichon, Cyril Despres, Arnaud Demester, LoicLarrieu, Daymon Martens, Mickael Pichon, Jean Claude Moussé, Tom Pages, Benoit Paturel, Milko Potisek, Stéphane Peterhansel, Steve Ramon, Cédric Soubeyras, Jordi Tixier, Tom Vialle, Adrien Van Beveren, Team 2B, Team Outsider, Team Luc 1.