Custom stickers – our specialty

You dream to have an exceptional vehicle that meet your aesthetics expectations? It was never that easy to customize your machine thanks to our innovate high-standard products. Since 2005 Kutvek Kit Graphik specializes in manufacturing of creative graphics kits for motocross, ATV, Side by Side, maxi scooter, scooter, street bike, 50cc, jet ski, snowmobile, Spyder and Slingshot car (roadsters).

We propose a wide range of graphic collections that will display your individuality. To make a customization process simple, Kutvek has created a special configurator that let you supply our designers with elements necessary for the creation of unique style emphasizing your identity and character. Submit us some visuals expressing your idea and we will transform them in an irresistible design. Besides, we can add your logo, logos of your sponsors or create them exclusively for your graphics kit.

Customization + protection

Well known for their great solidity, our personnalised stickers stand not only for a wish to be different, but they also propose a reliable protection for your bodywork. We know at what point your vehicle is important for you, and that is why we go beyond flawless aesthetics, but we want also that this experience last.

No matter what is going to be decorared – your dirt bike, scooter, snowmobile or jet ski, a custom graphics kit meets any particular wishes and transforms your machines in the art object. The only thing which could limit us is your imagination.

Customization of moto accessories

We invite you as well to discover the graphics for different accessories like seat cover, radiator shrouds, UTV doors or rims. For them we also offer customization which will complete a unique look of your road or offroad vehicle.

For motocross racing enthusiasts, we made sure to propose personnalised number plates that will rehash the graphics kit style of your dirt bike or ATV.

Custom graphics for professionals

Are you a dealer that wants to propose to your clients a graphics kit in your corporate colours? Or a professional that is looking to raise his visibility by decorating his vehicle fleet? Our 100% custom option address these needs: our in-house designers are here to help you to build an attractive and exclusive corporate identity.

First and foremost your vehicle is a part of you, let it express your personality through the exceptional stickers made in France by Kutvek. Tailor-made graphics kit is our specialty and with all the passion we work everyday to develop your most audacious ideas.