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Install a kit Graphik

To improve the installation, we advise you a few tools :
A pair of scissors
(and a cutter)
A degreaser (Product K7 and K9 available on our website, methylated spirits)
sèche cheveux
A hair dryer or a heat gun
un chiffon propre
A clean cloth
nettoyer les surfaces de pose

thoroughly clean bodywork by passing a degreasing agent (type: product K7 and K9, industrial alcohol, brake cleaner) to remove all impurities and residues of grease on the surface

ATTENTION : Do not use glass cleaners or acetone.
positionnement stickers
2. Facilitate positioning and installation
(Figure 1) Take a piece of your graphic kit and visualize its location. Slowly remove a small part of adhesive deco from its paper support.
(Figure 2) Cut out to have a flying part (note: don’t remove entire paper support from the adhesive deco).

pose du sticker
3. Positioning
(Figure 1) Position graphic kit on the desired location, the flying adhesive part must not be in contact with the fairing.
(Figure 2) Once positioning is found, apply the flying part, this allows you to keep the desired position.

positionnement du sticker
4. Positioning (continued)
Figure 1) Remove adhesive from its paper support (remaining part).
(Figure 2)  Place and apply firm and even pressure on adhesive part from the middle to the outside (you can use kutvek felt available on our website or a plastic squeegee) to remove the air bubbles.

utilisation séche cheveux
5. You may encounter significant reliefs exerting stress on the installation. Provide a hair dryer or a heat gun, heat and graphic kit will adapt perfectly to the relief.

INFO : Graphic kit is repositionable 5 minutes after installation.